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Currently I am:


Studying some Asia & Photogrophy.

At the last moment again, I got registered for school in real classes for a change. An 8 credit Buisness & Culture Along the Silk Road, and a 4 credit Begining Black and White 35mm Photogrophy. I am stoked on the picture takeing, and I am learning a lot with the help of my job at Photoland with all the photo nerds. I am also stoked on the asian culture. Last class, Pictographs and the Dao blew my mind. The most exciting part though?

I am going to Vietnam and China!

For the last three weeks of winter quarter the class is studying abroad. I happen to have a brother who married a person who has a brother who lives in Vietnam married to and working with a vietnames film producer. I am hopeing to stay with them after the class stuff and maybe some bumming around, and do a sort-of internship thing while I shoot some footage that I will return with to edit before I walk.

I am conflicted on if I should bring my nice camera. It's not THAT big, but it is too, with what I need to make it work. My desire is to have four levels of recording capability to work with when I get back.

1: Great audio -

I have the Zoom H6 and it is awesome and not too big.

The only basic item I am missing here is a wireless lapel mics for interviews. lapel

2: Great video - ✓ish

I got the BMCC with a good lens and power and filters, and storage.


However; I do have a dream-list before its ready for my first Expedition Cinematogrophy mish.

I need to keep my gear safe with a padded waterproof travel backpack. backpack waterbag waterduffle
I would like to capture the landscap. A few things will help with that. Full-Frame is one of them. A nice wide-angle retired Cannon FD L lens with a Metabones Speedbooster will do the trick superb. FD Speed Booster 100mm 20mm FD28mmFD
Also, I would like to do timelapses. For this I need a tripod that is small, light, made for video, and has a Good Fluid Head for pan & tilt. A Slider would go with it necely for motion. The big dream would be automation. tripod slider  
I want to be able to shoot at night. This requires a light, ideally with an amazing arm to position fast & easy, and stay there.      
I want to have decent scratch audio when I don't have my zoom. Cheap on-camera mic.      
More storage is a good idea. I currently have 1 450GB, and one 250GB - 20ish hours of full-res recording.      

3: Great Photographs - ish

I want to shoot 35mm stills. I can check out a camera from school for the quarter, so technically that is enough. Also, I bet My land Lord will let me keep His dad's medium format I am currently borrowing. But I want to have my own travel camera, espeshally since they are so cheap now, and they can share lenses with my cinema gear. I have a broken Cannon A-1, a decent camera from 79. It will not advance photos, but I bet that is a cheap repair.

Helpful Accesory: Light Meter - Lumu light meeter  
Need Film! B&W, Color, 35mm, 120mm 3mm 120mm

4: Good Travel-size digital A/V/P

I currently take decent audio recordings, photos, and videos with my iPhone 4s. It is broken, and I want to invest a little more in it's replacement as a decent have-on-you-all-the-time digital photo/video camera and audio recorder.

The mechanical optical stabalization in the iPhone 6+ was a solid nod to filmmakers - firmly suggesting that the full-res 1080 screen was the right choice for anyone shooting video. HDR in video is amazing and compensates well for sensor size, and the 124GB size makes recording lots and/or in high res is possible. iphone  
Must protect the investment -Water - resistant/proof Case & Leash waterproof case strap
Pocket Audio Boost mic  
Lenses... longlens  
Apps - 4K and Tilt Shift    
Power when there are no outlets - Solar Charger, and cords when you dont have your bag - credit card size charger  

Obviously I care way more about recording cool stuff than my own well-being, but besides the abov, I need a few adventure-gear items my self.

Rechargable battery and red filter for the best flashlight ever. bat bat red filter
Tiles - GPS tags I can track to attatch to my important stuff - Hat, Camera, Keys, Water Bottle... anything worth $20 not to loose. tile    



I have updated the




With the incomplete draft I submitted at the end of my summer screenwring contract. I had to take a break working on it to get into school again for fall - and I did not get the contract Authorship to continue working on it. So things are different, but I do have a working back-=burner.



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