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Working title: We are the Beautiful People

Heyo! Right now I am enrolled full-time in an Independent Learning Contract titled:

Story & Storytelling through Screenwriting

I am writing my first feature-length script; a spiritual adventure movie following an ensemble of Millennial characters soul-searching in the summer festie scene. "Almost Famous meets Pulp Fiction at a camp-over music & arts festival."

I will be keeping recent versions on this website for anyone to read and give me feedback on until I have finished! I am shooting to write about 120 pages in the next two months (Jul-Sep) and narrow that down to 60 good minutes I can per-produce this year and shoot next summer as my senior capstone project.

I will also be sharing some of my learning from research and practice, as I usually do, in long blog posts!

These things can be found in the Academic Adventures section of this website; on the



Birthday Wishlist! Wishlist

I selected 20 things from my Wishlist page (mostly under $100, in no particular order) that I think would make great birthday presents. Mostly stuff that I would love, but is more fun-related and/or lower priority than what I would choose to buy for myself if I had money.

oilpaint Set of Oil Paints $30
slackline Primitive slack-line kit $100
Pully Zip-Line Pulley $65
drill A Mechanical Drill $20 (and small bit set $30)
carving Detail & Heavy Duty Wood Carving Tool Set $80
wes The Wess Anderson Collection $40
afi Conversations at AFI: Golden Age & Next Generation volumes $12(each, Kindle) $20 (print)
celestine The Celestine Prophecy $15
Yeti Yeti Magazine $40 (three issue subscription) or $15 (single/back issues)
ICG ICG Magazine $36 (1 Year Student Print+Digital Subscription - 12 issues) 
filmmaker Filmmaker Magazine $18/yr (quarterly)
monopod Manfrotto 682B Pro Self Standing Monopod with Retractable Legs $129
raincover Rain Cover $200
fog machine 1,000w Fog Machine $60

Lazers for Video Art:

inkling pen The Inkling pen - to digitize storyboards while creating them $50
Pico Projector AAXA P300 Projector $300
baclpack A forever Backpack - Medium, Tobacco, $500
World Map A World Map (Framed [brown] against foam board for push-pins) $110
kilt The Workman's Kilt - in Carmel Size 32 $260
Wish List  



Examining Ensemble Casts and Non-Linear Storytelling

In the screenplays of CRASH and Pulp Fiction.

Both CRASH and Pulp Fiction tell several stories of different pairs of people during a single time-period, and both screenplays align their stories by pace, and not by time - synchronizing the flow of the movie, but not with respect to the flow of ‘real-time’. Beyond these similarities, the two screenplays have little in common and take different approaches to structure.

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The Belson-Gold Effects Bench

Inaugural fired up light sculpture experiment!

I have been researching the work of film artist Jordan Belson for quite a while. The darn gentleman preferred to keep things magic, and refused to reveal his methods of creation. He even burned footage that showed how it was made.

Well, if you have worked with video and materials enough, and watched his films enough, you will realize that he is just pointing lights at different objects and doing some really nice fancy editing. At least for some shots -or so I think! Other shots of his are still head-scratchers for me. But now I have the workspace to experiment, try to figure out for myself, and undoubtedly come up with something completely different and just as good in the process.

Here is a video of some of the more interesting effects I managed in my first experiment:

Examples of Belsons work, photos of the workspace, and a grand deceleration of openness;

After the Jump! →



The Death of Storyboards

Animatics, Previsualization, & Modern Pre-Production

It is clear that modern Hollywood films rely heavily on computer processing in the post-production period. With the scale of concept on these big-budget superhero movies and the like, I have assumed that the effects team would be working on their task long before shooting wrapped. However, it was not until I attended the VFX Technology Panel at The Santa Barbara International Film Festival that I recognized it is not a matter of digital tools working their way into the existing production workflow, but in fact, that the whole production workflow is transforming to orbit around the digital interface. The transformation began with finding digital ways to improve the productivity and communicability of existing analogue methods, but then the new digital tools became the focus of planing and creativity, and areas of production that had not made the jump to their modern digitized counterpart began to transform to fit into a digitized workflow, instead of the other way around.

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