This page is intended to demonstrate my typical workflow for video projects
This is an example of my workflow

Song: Without My Love
Artist: Blaque Rose
Model 1: Nicole Hamilton
Model 2: TBD
Duration: 4:00 + 0:30-0:40 intro/outro
Premise: The “core video” will fill the majority of the screen time (80-90%) & follows the faltering relationship between Blaque Rose & Nicole. It is a slower paced video (but not boring!) filmed in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. Blaque Rose & Nicole appear to be having fun together in the beginning of the video, but as time goes on they begin to drift apart. It was filmed w/ a Minolta lens from the 70’s & an adapter on a Sony a6500 so that the video feels as if it were shot during the late 70’s/early 80’s. A film grain will be added during color grading.
Intro/Outro: By adding an intro + outro, it provides a context that will force viewers to completely reinterpret the “core video,” adding a sci-fi element of suspense & intrigue juxtaposing the slow pace, longer shots, warm feel, and simplicity of the “core video.”
INTRO (0:10-0:17)
SHOT 1: Wide shot from front of Girl1 in Room1 sitting on bed. Guy1 walks in room holding vhs tape
SHOT 2: Close up of vhs (vhs has title of song + artist name). Vhs is put in vhs player & play button is pressed
SHOT 3: Wide shot from the left side of Room1. Guy1 walks over to sit on the bed as song begins playing. Camera slows pans to the right to bring the tv into frame as the video begins playing and then approaches the tv until the tv screen (& video playing) fills up the entire frame

OUTRO (0:25-0:35)
SHOT 4: Begins w/ a reverse of the final shot of the intro (SHOT 3). Camera slowly zooms out from tv and pans to the left, revealing a wide shot of Girl1 sitting alone on the bed
SHOT 5: Same shot as SHOT 1. Wide shot from the front of Girl1 sitting on the bed. Fog from smoke machine & bright light creep through a crack in the door. Girl1 stands and exits through the door, leaving an empty Room1 and silence for a couple of seconds until there is the sound of a gunshot (w/ a futuristic reverb that echoes for a couple of seconds)
SHOT 6: Close up of glasses of Guy1 w/ a green liquid splattered on them
SHOT 7: Medium shot of Girl1’s face from the side as she begins walking forward. Camera follows and slowly pans down toward the ground, showing Girl1’s feet as she passes the body of Guy1. Camera approaches body of Guy1 lying on the ground and Guy1 begins glitching, first glitching between the body and an Error message, and then between the body, an Error message, and Nicole 
SHOT 8: Camera pans up from body & re-enters Room1 as Girl1 is walking over to the tv. 
SHOT 9: Close up of Girl1’s hands as she presses the Fast Forward button on the vhs and then presses the play button. Music begins playing, teasing the song for Music Video 2.
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